Welcome to UMI Club & Culture

Welcome to
UMI - Club & Culture

UMI isn’t just your average club; it’s a unique blend of music and art.

We’re right between a cultural center and a nightclub, offering carefully curated sounds from both local and international DJs and artists. Our goal? To provide a safe space for art lovers and music enthusiasts while giving Brussels’ nightlife a fresh twist.


At UMI, music is at the heart of our experience. We groove to a mix of house, breaks and minimal beats, all about that clean and energetic groove, without going over the top.

This emerging scene has been making waves in Belgian music, and it’s the essence of what you’ll hear at UMI. Of course, we’re always open to other musical vibes from here and around the world.

Interested in playing in our club? Contact us via email at [email protected]


UMI is not just a nightclub; it’s a cultural hub where art takes center stage. We are deeply passionate about promoting and supporting artists while providing a platform for both local and international creative talents to showcase their work.


Our commitment to the arts is reflected in our ever-evolving and diverse artistic collaborations. We believe that art is a powerful medium for expression and connection, so is music, and it plays a crucial role in enriching your experience at UMI.


We kindly ask our visitors to respect the artists and the pieces showcased within the club, treating them with the same regard as they would do for the venue and other fellow guests. This creates an atmosphere of appreciation and consideration for the work that has been put in place for you to enjoy your time at UMI.


Want to collaborate? We cannot wait to see what crazy ideas you have in mind!
Write us at [email protected]


Our goal is to transport you to a different world. Our scenography features soft lights, lush plants, and a starry sky – the perfect ingredients for a unique sensory adventure. It’s worth noting that our scenography is the result of both permanent and temporary collaborations with artists.


If you’re looking for a quieter, more inspiring spot to hang out, chat with friends or make new ones, our chill room is your go-to. Ambient music sets the vibe, and you can enjoy immersive exhibitions. Something else awaits you there, but we’ll let you discover that on your own, why spoil the surprise?


Your safety is a top priority at UMI. Our ‘Angels’ are here not just to keep the venue secure but to lend a helping hand whenever you need it. Whether you need a breather, some guidance, or just someone to chat with, our ‘Angels’ have got your back.


Inside the club, you’ll find a handy help desk for any questions or assistance you might need during your visit. Whether it’s event info, directions, or resolving any issues, our helpdesk team is here to make your time at UMI as smooth as possible.


UMI is all about creating a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere where you can dive into art, music, and culture without a worry. We’re excited to have you here and look forward to making your visit memorable!

We remind our visitors that we maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy for drugs within the club, we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone not adhering to this policy.

In order to protect everyone’s vibe and ensure your happiness, taking videos, pictures and therefore using the flash are prohibited inside UMI. We want to establish a relationship of trust with our visitors and we won’t put stickers on your phone to prevent you from doing anything. The important thing is to respect each other. Furthermore, you’ll need your camera to scan the QR code on your cashless card to top it up.

The security is provided by SAFE-T FIRST si, Avenue de l’Aquilon, 15/1 à B-1200 BRUXELLES. SAFE-T FIRST srl is insured for corporal or material damages caused by the security officers.

Claims of victims can be sended to AG INSURANCE Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, 53 à B-1000 BRUXELLES Insurance Number: 99629570


You won’t need any cash inside the club as we work exclusively with a cashless payment system.

Load up your UMI card via your smartphone on the website, or at the venue’s charging stations using cash or card.

This streamlined approach simplifies transactions, improves efficiency, and ensures a worry-free night, so you can focus on enjoying your time at UMI.