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Age limit

Do you want to discover more about Brussels nightlife? Check out

  • Lockers 
    2€, bring coins if you want to skip the queue!
  • Helpdesk & Care Team
  • Free toilets 
  • Chill room
  • Alcohol test machine
  • Photomaton
  • Cashless top up bank

UMI CLUB operates as a cashless space.


How does the UMI CLUB cashless system work ?

Our cashless system allows for seamless transactions. You’ll get your own UMI-card when entering the club.


Don’t lose it, you’ll use it everytime you come at UMI.


You can recharge your UMI-card by different means:

  1. With your smartphone via the Payconiq by Bancontact app
  2. At the charging stations in the club using both cash or card.
  3. Do you want to plan ahead and top up your UMI-card before you arrive at the club? Do it in the Cashless Point tab on our website.


If you’re still having trouble, you can read the tutorial on our dedicated Instagram Highlight.


To request a refund of the remaining balance on your cashless account, you can log in to your account and request a refund.

  • If you used cash on site to top up your cashless account, you can log in to your account and add the card to which you wish to be refunded.
  • If you have not created a cashless account, there is still time to create one here to access the refund!
  • There is a 15-day maximum delay and the refund fee is €1.50 for a refund of €10 or more.


Refunds are possible through the cashless point tab online. 

For further questions, please write us to [email protected]

We prioritize your well-being.


Enjoy a safe and comfortable experience with:

  • A dedicated Chill Room for relaxation
  • Seats available throughout the club
  • A Help Desk offering free water, protection, and regular foam earplugs
  • High-quality earplugs available for purchase at the bar
  • Fresh fruits
  • A Care team
  • an alcohol testing station


This also means that the security holds the right of entrance and ca refuse you the entry, even if you have your presale. 


Please note that the venue has multiple floors accessible by stairs.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee full accessibility for guests with reduced mobility to all floors.

However, our team is always ready to provide assistance. Please feel free to ask for help if needed.

We’re putting an effort to collaborate with local artists to enhance the club scenography. Please do respect the art works as much as other guests. 


If you’re interested in showcasing your art in our club, please contact us at [email protected]

Need more info?

Check out our FAQ page.